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A Calculated Demise

…is shot and killed by an amorous millionaire rancher pursuing Bonnie. Can it get any worse? Oh yes. The rancher’s son is now the prime suspect. And Superintendent Xavier Divine, AKA The Divine Pain in the Ass, demands Bonnie cease her investigation or lose her job. Maybe Bonnie should have listened to him. Because things are about to get a whole lot worse. The murderer has now kidnapped Bonnie’s beloved dog, and unless she wants to see… Continue reading »

Witch Of Agnesi, The

…good one. She cares about her students. So when Peyton Newlin, a thirteen-year-old math genius, disappears, Bonnie starts nosing around. One by one, students who were competing with the young genius start turning up dead and Bonnie suspects Peyton may be narrowing the field. Then Peyton himself turns up murdered. Bonnie’s investigation ratchets up. What she discovers is a coven of witches, a teenage comic book magnate, a skinhead… Continue reading »

Irrational Numbers

…d wire fence and shot through the heart on a back stretch of East Plains, Colorado dirt road, Leo came out of the closet in a speech at his own high school graduation. Full time math teacher and part time troublemaker Bonnie Pinkwater is drawn into the investigation when her phone number is found in Leo’s pocket. Busybody that she is, she – and her principal Lloyd Whittaker – start turning over rocks. Unfortunately everywhere she looks… Continue reading »