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May Earth Rise

…; Cadair Idris Gwytheryn, Kymru Helygen Mis, 500 Llundydd, Lleihau Wythnos—night Sledda of Cantware, Arch-wyrce-jaga of Kymru, sat back in the Master Bard’s chair with a satisfied smile on his cruel, pale face. His silken black robe lay loosely against his bony flesh as he perched there like a night crow come to pick over the remains of the dead. His remaining eye glittered as he surveyed the Great Hall at Neuadd Gorsedd, the place… Continue reading »

Cry of Sorrow

…ing. To find them Gwydion the Dreamer must locate a long-forgotten song, and the clues it contains. Following the dictates of the song, he persuades Rhiannon, her daughter Gwenhwyvar, and his nephew Arthur to set out with him on the dangerous quest. Dogged by Havgan’s soldiers they race against time to find the artifacts. But the difficult journey is made even harder by the distrust they have for each other, as well as the necessity to… Continue reading »

Night Birds’ Reign

…vil in his mind and murder in his heart, dogging the footsteps of those who protect the babe who would be king. But magic is at work, high magic. Gwydion the Dreamer awakes, screaming, from a prophetic dream of tragedy and loss, a dream peopled by kings of the past. Though he thinks he is not ready, the Shining Ones lay a task upon him: protect young Arthur; and locate Caladfwlch, the lost sword of the last, murdered High King of Kymru. Dodging… Continue reading »

Crimson Fire

Dorfas, Marc of Cantware Weal of Coran, Coranian Empire Natmonath, 458 Sweltan Daeg—night She was barely alive when her body, battered by the relentless waves, washed up on the sands. Slowly she dragged herself farther up the deserted beach, clutching at the sand with her hands, pulling herself away from the swirling, black water inch by precious inch. Her breath came and went in harsh gasps as she coughed weakly, expelling water, blood, and… Continue reading »