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Hot Lights, Cold Steel

…g with another young woman’s, the teen’s body is found in a densely wooded area in a shallow grave, excavated by a pack of feral pigs. But that’s not the most disturbing part. Both young ladies were buried after undergoing a series of highly technical surgical procedures. And that’s just the beginning. Nearly two dozen more bodies are discovered in various rural locations around the city and even in the massive midtown public cemetery. Now DubContinue reading »

Stress Fracture

…of rape, torture, and unthinkable mutilation. He’s sure he’s seen it all . . . until now. When Dub’s close friend Sheriff Mike Savage falls victim to a brutal serial killer terrorizing the county, he is dragged into the investigation. The killer—at times calm, cold, and calculating and at others maniacal and out of control—is like no other Dub has encountered. With widely divergent personalities, the killer taunts, threatens, and outmaneuvers… Continue reading »

More Forensics And Fiction

The first book in this series, Murder and Mayhem: A Doctor Answers Medical and Forensic Questions for Mystery Writers, appeared in 2003, and the second, Forensics and Fiction: Clever, Intriguing, and Downright Odd Questions fromCrime Writers, in 2007. Once again I’ve attributed each question to its author, if he or she chose to be identified. Some preferred to remain anonymous, and others I simply could not reach because their contact… Continue reading »

More Forensics and Fiction

…zor blades? How long does it take blood to dry? Can DNA be obtained from a half-eaten bagel? D. P. Lyle MD is the Macavity Award–winning and Edgar® Award–nominated author of many nonfiction books along with the fictional Dub Walker series, which includes Medallion titles Stress Fracture and Hot Lights, Cold Steel. Lyle also teaches online forensic science classes in the master of arts in criminal justice program at DeSales University. In January… Continue reading »

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…scriptions in an obscure dialect. Seeking to ascertain the translation and the identity of the entombed man, she stumbles upon a lethal conflict. Buy Now: Kindle Apple Nook Stress Fracture by Doug P. Lyle Thriller Dub Walker, expert in evidence evaluation, crime scene analysis, and criminal psychology, has seen everything—over a hundred cases of foul play and countless bloody remains of victims of rape, torture, and unthinkable… Continue reading »