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A Lost Touch of Bliss

…stle Falcon’s Craig than a simple haunting, and more than one tragic tale of unrequited love. Yet to set things right, for both the living and the dead, Cain must find the courage to shed his mask of indifference, Amice must move beyond her pain to forgive… and long dead, star-crossed lovers must lead them all on the path to… A Lost Touch of Bliss… Continue reading »

A Lost Touch of Innocence

…e. What’s a girl to do but cling more tightly to what she knows? The rules have changed. For both of them. And Piers and Giselle are about to discover that sometimes fate delivers a destiny beyond your imaginings. That destiny is theirs to win. Or lose. It will take all the courage that lies within their deepest hearts to seize it, and to find … A Lost Touch of Innocence… Continue reading »

A Lost Touch of Paradise

…;s skill, and Lugh’s task proves more of a challenge than he anticipated. In the end, the secret to saving Lugh’s daughter lies in Iosobal’s ability to open her heart to a brash warrior who has invaded her tranquil sanctuary. She must find the courage to end her isolation, and the wise innocence of a child must lead them all to A Lost Touch of Paradise…. Continue reading »

A Lost Touch of Magic

…enses that evil lurks in the shadows of Castle MacCoinneach, and she has nowhere to turn. One true laird and one of fey blood. Strangers they may be, but Padruig and Aimili are destined to join together to defeat a force beyond their imaginings. It will take trust, faith, and most of all, love to save themselves, their clan, and discover . . . A Lost Touch of Magic…. Continue reading »

Tomorrow’s World

In tomorrow’s world there are no more butterflies, no coral reefs or rainbows. Appalled by what they’ve done to their planet, people have lost all faith in human nature. Now the cold logic of computers determines how they will live their lives. And although old divisions of race, color, and creed have disappeared, a new chasm has split the barren, altered world, and it is deeper than anything that has gone before. The line has been… Continue reading »

Love’s Magic

…o marry. Nicholas Le Blanc is a haunted man. Though trained as a knight under the Baron Peregrine’s name, his childhood in a monastery has convinced him he is a bastard. Then, on crusade, his caravan is ambushed; all men are lost and the sacred relic they carried is stolen. Nicholas is captured and suffers a year of torture, ultimately escaping . . . but only after being forced to kill a woman to win his freedom. Guilt poisons him as surely as… Continue reading »