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Restore My Heart

…the garage will lure him out of his self-imposed exile and back to the world of cars he once loved. But new competition, and the death of her best customer, auto dealer Leo Desalvo, leave her struggling. When Joe approaches Sally to appraise his father’s rare, classic sports car, she welcomes the business. There’s something fishy about the car, however, and Sally is beginning to suspect shady dealings in Leo’s business. Is Joe involved too?… Continue reading »

Reclaim My Life

When Sofia Desalvo enters the Witness Security Program, she transforms her sleek, sophisticated image into nondescript, ordinary Elizabeth Stevens, an English professor with a passion for Shakespeare. In a quiet, small town she disappears to pursue a teaching career without the threat of an assassin lurking in the shadows. She must testify against Frank Sullivan, a respected Lexington doctor accused of racketeering in a multistate illegal… Continue reading »

Running Scared

Although newly divorced Ashley Adams thinks her ex-husband is trying to kill her, she’s not Running Scared. Months of therapy and determination have strengthened her resolve to stop being a victim, while months of dedicated training have prepared her to run her first marathon. Homicide detective Rick Edwards is coping with the deaths of his wife and daughter the only way he knows how—by focusing on his work. He is hoping to solve the murder… Continue reading »