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Theater Of Illusion

Children of an abusive father who spiraled into madness and murder, Sarah and Tobias Perkins survived by holding to each other. As adults, the siblings live and work on the Spirit of the River, the riverboat that saved their mother from their father’s wrath. Yearning to pilot the riverboat herself, Sarah is forced by custom to stand by as her childhood rival, Jeremy Smith, becomes not only pilot but first officer. It is 1910, and the RiverContinue reading »

First, there is a River

…ma knows intimately the brutality prowling beneath her husband’s facade. When he sends their children away, Emma’s life unravels. A woman seeks her spirit. Deep in despair, Emma seeks refuge aboard her uncle’s riverboat, the Spirit of the River. She travels through a new world filled with colorful characters: captains, mates, the rich, the working class, moonshiners, prostitutes, and Gage, the Spirit’s reclusive engineer. Scarred for life from a… Continue reading »

Jasper Mountain

…e, and heart to the tragedy of a fire. Foreign born and raised, Milena Shabanov flees from a home she loves to the strange and barbaric America. A Romani blessed with “the sight,” she is content in the company of visions and spirit oracles, but finds herself lost and alone in a brutal mining town with little use for women. Surrounded by inhumane working conditions at the mine, depression, senseless death, and overwhelming greed, miners begin… Continue reading »

Queen’s Guard: Peony

…nexpensive coffin. It came to me as I prayed over Ragenard’s body that he’d wanted to go home in the end. Would George see me? Even though I’d broken our betrothal to run away and marry his younger brother? I felt Ragenard’s spirit ruffle my hair, and I accepted this familiar gesture as a sign of approval.</em> <em>It took both thin bangles to rent a cart, and I had nothing left for a driver. Two days traveling, blisters on my palms, and I… Continue reading »

Tenth Saint, The

…, made an urgent clicking sound and hit the animal on its hindquarters with a palm frond whip. The camel took two quick steps in reaction to the insult, then halted, groaning its displeasure. Despite repeated calls from its driver, it was going no farther and that was that. The man peeled back his headdress to uncover his face. His skin was the color of antelope hide, with deep grooves carved into his forehead and cheek hollows. The sun had… Continue reading »

November New Releases

…what we do possible. Thank you! This month we bring you two great new releases. First up, we have a no-holds-barred thriller that packs a punch! Hook and Shoot by Jeremy Brown continues the highly acclaimed Woodshed Wallace series that began with Suckerpunch. Aaron “Woodshed” Wallace has fought his entire life to survive. He thinks the big break from MMA promotion Warrior Inc. will change all that, and he’s right. But first he has to make sure… Continue reading »

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