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Jake Helman is back!

…rits, the fourth volume in the Jake Helman Files, as our October exclusive new release. Featuring new battles with voodoo overlords, military troops, and an army of zombies, this continuation is not to be missed! The sign on Jake Helman’s office door says Private Investigator, but this ex-cop’s profession is more complicated than spying on cheating spouses. Over the course of two years, Jake has battled demons, zombies, even a cosmic monster—and… Continue reading »

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Tortured Spirits

…sources, Jake and Maria battle voodoo overlords, military troops, and an army of zombies. What will prove deadlier to Jake: the addictive drug called Black Magic, the return of an old enemy, or a vengeful demon plotting against him? Tortured Spirits is an action-packed, gore-soaked, supernatural thrill ride that will leave horror fans gasping for Jake Helman’s return…. Continue reading »

Cosmic Forces

…man to spy on her husband, the trail leads him to Karlin Reichard. The wealthy industrialist and kingmaker leads a cabal that has secretly manipulated world affairs for generations. In order to bring these powerful men down, Jake must join them. But at what cost to his own soul? Battling human assassins and supernatural creatures, Jake pursues a quest to uncover the mystery behind the Order of Avademe and a monster willing to destroy heaven and… Continue reading »

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Desperate Souls

…rove that her dead grandson is dealing a deadly new drug called “Black Magic” on a Brooklyn street corner, Jake uncovers a vicious drug lord’s plot to use voodoo to seize control of the city. While panic grips New York City, Jake Helman battles gun-wielding zombie assassins, hallucinations, and betrayal at every corner. But voodoo creates more terrors than zombies, and Jake finds himself poised on the edge of insanity as he fights to restore the… Continue reading »

Human Monsters

The epic conclusion of The Jake Helman Files! For two years, private investigator Jake Helman has battled powerful supernatural forces at great physical and emotional cost to himself. He’s stopped a serial killer who collected the souls of his victims, destroyed a mutant octopus god, battled zonbies on a Caribbean island, and stood toe to toe with angels and demons. If Jake has learned one thing, it’s that he can’t run from his past. New York… Continue reading »


…R IMMEDIATE RELEASE GREGORY LAMBERSON UNLEASHES STORM DEMON ON JAKE HELMAN CONTACT: Gregory Lamberson,   Storm Demon, the fifth book in Geregory Lamberson’s occult detective series The Jake Helman Files from Medallion Press, is now available as an e-book. The official publication date of the trade paperback is October 31st, but the TPB is available now to Amazon customers. The novel is the penultimate… Continue reading »

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Epic Conclusions, New Series, and Autobiographies

…re that will appeal to the hard-core fan as well as a follower of popular culture.” —Miranda Owen, Fresh Fiction Want to win an autographed copy of Booker T: My Rise to Wrestling Royalty? Like us on Facebook to find out how! Jake Helman has been through hell and back, but will his battles finally come to an end? Find out in the conclusion of the Jake Helman Files, Human Monsters, by award-winning author Gregory Lamberson. The epic conclusion of… Continue reading »

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October News Release

…s the violent and tragic past of a house on a lake in his new novel, Floating Staircase. Filmmaker and award-winning author Gregory Lamberson brings back Jake Helman in his biggest case yet in Cosmic Forces,book three of The Jake Helman Files. Michael McCarty and Bram Stoker Award winner Mark McLaughlin present their Bram Stoker–nominated novel about the revenge of the undead, Monster Behind the Wheel. It looked like a great house. They were… Continue reading »

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Lamberson Signed Set

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Storm Demon

Jake Helman returns to New York City, anxious to start a new life with NYPD homicide detective Maria Vasquez. But the supernatural forces making his life hell have no intention of leaving him alone. When psychic healer Laurel Doniger disappears, Jake lays his life on the line to bring her back alive. With time running out, he must uncover the truth behind Laurel’s secret past. He’s drawn into a conflict with a being who has existed since the… Continue reading »