Gregory Lamberson

Gregory Lamberson, dubbed “the hardest-working man in horror” by Fangoria magazine, is author of the first ever TREEbook™-enhanced novel, The Julian Year. Using the groundbreaking TREEbook™ story-branching technology, Lamberson has crafted an intense horror novel with parallel story lines, seamless story branching, and multiple endings.


Prior to The Julian Year, Lamberson introduced the world to his occult detective Jake Helman in the supernatural action series The Jake Helman Files, which won the Anubis Award for Horror and the IPPY Gold Medal for Horror. The books in the series are Personal Demons, Desperate Souls, Cosmic Forces, Tortured Spirits, and Storm Demon. Medallion offers a free illustrated overview of the series, The Jake Helman Files: Afterlife Project, for download.


One of his earliest novels, Johnny Gruesome, also brought home the IPPY Gold, and his three-part werewolf series, The Frenzy Cycle, is set in modern-day New York and includes The Frenzy Way, The Frenzy War, and The Frenzy Wolves.


The prolific author is also the award-winning filmmaker of cult films including Slime City and Slime City Massacre (coproduced by Medallion Movies).


Lamberson loves to hear from his readers, who can find him on Facebook or through his website: