Desperado City

By Rebecca Coleman

In the quiet stillness of a deserted theme park in the Catskill Mountains, fourteen-year-old Elisabeth Glass commits suicide. By all appearances, her death is a classic case of teenage depression and despair. She slashes her wrists inside the Haunted Hotel, sprawled across a bed used as nothing but a prop. End of story. Or is it the beginning?

Elisabeth’s death sets off a chain of events, affecting the lives of her friends and acquaintances. Danielle, an up-and-coming snowboarding star, suspects foul play. Yet this high school graduate’s gut instinct leads nowhere. Shadows darken. Doubt intensifies.

What happened to Elisabeth Glass? As Danielle seeks to uncover secrets that someone—who?—wants to keep buried, a small town will be shaken to its very core, and friendships and dreams will never be the same.

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