Paws-itively Guilty

By Cindy Keen Reynders

Lexie Lightfoot, owner of the Saucy Lucy Café, doesn’t have an ounce of law enforcement training in her body. However, due to previous escapades, she’s learned a thing or two about killers and their murderous tendencies.

When Lexie and her sister, Lucy, find a friend who had gone missing buried in her rose garden, the sisters are devastated. Always ready to right a wrong, both siblings feel the need to take action. During their crime-solving spree, the sisters adopt an oversize canine investigator by the name of Lurch who will lend them a hand, actually a paw, in ferreting out the murderer.

As luck would have it, the sisters manage to rattle a few old skeletons and dig up secrets that folks would rather leave hidden in their closets. One clue leads to another and the sisters soon realize that some things are better left alone. The action really starts to simmer when Lexie and Lucy discover, to their horror, that a family member has been targeted for foul play. It’s now entirely up to them to keep evil from coming home to roost in their own backyards.

Limited availability in print
Book 2 in the Saucy Lucy Series

Mass Market Paperback
US $7.95 / CDN $8.95
ISBN# 9781933836607

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