Shamrock Alley

By Ronald Malfi

Secret Service agent John Mavio infiltrates the infamous Hell’s Kitchen in New York to shut down a ring of organized crime leaders involved in an elaborate counterfeit money operation, perhaps the worst in history. Based on a true story, the Irish villains of Mickey O’Shay and Jimmy Kahn are real. These violent criminals, once known as the West Side Boys, terrorized the community and inflicted gruesome deaths on numerous victims by bludgeoning, stabbing, shooting, and cutting into pieces the bodies of those who got in their way or refused to cooperate with their treacherous schemes.

Mavio is the courageous agent who risked his life to stop what may have been the most sinister operation this country has ever endured—a hero based on Ronald Damien Malfi’s own father. Every step closer to the drugs, the booze, and the blood brings him one step closer to his own demise, a risk he takes to save innocent citizens from ongoing torture. His life undercover is a gory, dangerous world far removed from his personal reality—his pregnant wife, Katie, and his terminally ill father wait for him to return from each threatening encounter alive.

Then one day . . . these two worlds meet. Mavio must implement every skill he has painfully learned to save himself and the people of New York. He cannot fail, for failure would mean the end of everything honorable, just, and right. And, above all, justice must prevail.

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ISBN# 9781933836881

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