Black Rose, The

By James Bartholomeusz

Having pledged themselves to the Apollonians’ humanitarian cause, Jack and Lucy continue their search for the Risa Star. Their journey takes them to worlds alien to them yet uncannily paralleling their own: an arctic mountain range, a city in the throes of industrialization, and a forest whose inhabitants are literally a part of their environment.

But they’re not the only ones looking. The Cult of Dionysus draws ever closer to the completion of its superweapon, threatening to wreak havoc on an unprecedented scale. Meanwhile, Alex remains the emperor’s prisoner, struggling against the increasingly inviting pull of the Darkness.

A white fox, a black rose, and gray smoke shrouding something just out of sight . . .

What does it all mean?


Book 2 in the Seven Stars Trilogy

Trade Paperback
US $9.95 / CDN $9.95
ISBN# 9781605425375

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