Call for Submissions

Attention, authors and agents:

Medallion Press is currently working toward filling our 2014 list. We’re interested in compelling, memorable stories told in distinctive voices.

In fiction, we’re seeking thrillers, suspense, sci-fi, fantasy, romance, mystery, mainstream, literary, horror, historical, and YA. We also seek YA written by young adults. If you have a manuscript you’d like us to consider for publication, please use our submission form at

Our nonfiction publications include memoirs and coffee table books, and we want to expand the line. At this time, we consider agented nonfiction only. Are you representing a fascinating nonfiction project? Editorial Director Emily Steele would love to hear about it. Please e-mail a proposal to her at emily(at) For completed nonfiction manuscripts, use our submission form at

We look forward to hearing from you!

Why Choose Medallion Press?


Medallion Press is an author-friendly publishing house. When you developed your manuscript, you did so with a freedom of expression in your unique voice. At many publishing houses, the author’s voice gets lost in the development process. But when you sign a contract with us, you don’t suddenly disappear from our contact list only to resurface when it’s time to market your book. You’ll be included in virtually every step of development. From jacket blurbs to cover art to marketing ideas, you’ll keep your freedom to express yourself and keep your original voice intact.

What Box?

At Medallion Press, we strive to create culture, not follow it. That’s why our approach to book publishing is innovative. We think neither in the box nor out of the box. We think, What box? This allows us to remain on the cutting edge of literature, art, marketing, and content delivery.


Our distribution partners, Independent Publishers Group (IPG), are the best in the business. Through their expert distribution services for innovative publishers, IPG is a perfect fit for Medallion’s cutting-edge techniques. We collaborate with IPG throughout the entire development and marketing process to ensure that your book gets optimal consideration from industry buyers and maximum exposure to consumers. IPG handles print distribution and provides one of the industry’s best e-book distribution channels to maximize sales opportunities in the digital realm.

Foreign Sales

Not only do we pursue domestic sales, but we also have great representation in the foreign market. We present titles to foreign publishers twice a year at the London Book Fair and the Frankfurt Book Fair and have ongoing representation in over twenty-six countries, including Brazil, China, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, and many more!

Independent, Not Small

Make no mistake. We are an independent press, not a small press. From bookstores to libraries, independents to chains, foreign to film rights, local to worldwide promotion, nothing we do is small. Our covers are reputed among the best in the industry. Our editorial staff is second to none. Our marketing efforts are leading the industry into the new age of book promotion. Our independent spirit is strong, and our shoulders are big enough to carry the weight.

Publishing Is a Partnership

We can brag all we want, but in the end, publishing is a partnership. It’s never solely about what we do, what you write, or what our distributors do to put it on bookshelves. Publishing is about all of us working together to create an unforgettable experience for the end consumer. We want our readers to appreciate your work so much that they tell all their friends and family about the new book they must read. That’s our wish, our ultimate goal. We can’t do it without you.


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