My Story is a documentary film involving Triple Threat Mentoring based on the My Story program. The My Story program is a year long program lead by clinical psychologist and leadership coach Doug McKinley. It involves five young men who are learning about others, learning about themselves, and learning about the world around them.

Triple Threat Mentoring

Triple Threat Mentoring is an organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged youth in our community and is sponsored by Medallion Media Group’s CEO Helen Rosburg. The program focuses on three key areas of development (Arts, Academics and Athletics) drives their mission of Empowering urban youth to develop confidence, character and life skills.

  • To help urban youth realize their potential.
  • To inspire high school and college students to develop a passion for serving under-resourced communities.
  • To encourage adults to become personally involved in urban community development.

Visit triplethreat.org for more information.